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Painting on holiday!

Paints ready for Holiday

If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I love painting on holiday! This can sometimes be a challenge, it can be difficult to paint if it is too cold, even too hot (I need some shade), if it is windy (stuff blows everywhere) but the most important thing is preparation before I go!

I have a compact painting kit that combines paints, mixing palette, brush, water bottle and container! It is brilliant, and then I combine that with a water brush, this is brilliant it saves taking water anywhere, then I have my pencil, pen, rubber etc. This is my essential pack that can fit in any of my bags.

choice of paints

However I do like to take a choice of other paint colours and for this I always use pans put together in two little tins. To me there is nothing more fun and exciting, than working out which paints I need to take for each trip. Whilst I can mix together colours from my compact kit, as it contains a range of all three primary colours, both warm and cool, sometimes when you are out and about it is quicker to use a pre-mixed paint. Then I need to think about whether there will be more trees, buildings or water, and then which colour!

Miniature paint brushes

I have other little compact bits I take, including my paint brushes. I have a great little compact paint brush case, where I have good quality brushes that sit inside, plus a few others I have picked up on the way.

other painting bits

Then I have my masking fluid; water bottle (an old baby feeding bottle); old rag; sponge; small mixing palette, paint brush, white gouache … the list goes on!

Painting bits

All of these help my to paint whilst on holiday and tend to have the priority when packing, and luckily all of this can fit into my cabin luggage as well.

I have a range of my paintings that can be found under the navigation item “other places“, including Italy, Menorca, Spain and Switzerland, as well as other Blog posts from different areas.