Portreath Harbour Wall

Portreath was once a thriving port as it exported tin from the local mines. It is still a working harbour from where a few fisherman go out to sea.

Here are a small selection of my Portreath paintings –

With a long beach, filled in the summer with visitors and locals alike, enjoying the safe bathing waters. On either side are dramatic cliffs with Gull Rock out to sea, ever watchful on this pretty resort, the cliffs on Amy’s side that resembles a cake with a piece cut out. A few years ago the Monkey Hut, sat perched on the end of the Harbour Wall, was destroyed in the storms, it does take quite a battering) and the local coucil rebuilt a perfect replica.

I was lucky enough to be born just three miles from this beautiful beach, but confesses I didn’t really appreciate its beauty when I was younger! When surrounded by so many beautiful beaches, Portreath was just the local beach. However with the maturity of years I can think of nothing better to do on a summer’s evening, as the sun slowly does down, than to sit on the beach and paint … pure bliss.

Portreath paintings for sale

I am constantly painting Portreath and here are my latest paintings of Portreath that I have for sale, however as the majority of my paintings for sale are originals, this list will depend on what paintings are in stock!

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