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Godrevy, continued

Here is how the painting of Godrevy is progressing, to reassure anyone looking at the previous photo (especially if on Facebook), that it is not just a sheet of grey paper! This is my first wash of colour, using the lovely Manganese Blue, a new colour for me and a very much appreciated Christmas present!… Continue reading Godrevy, continued

The start of Godrevy

This is the start of a painting I am doing for Chris Stevens. Chris used to live in Cornwall and comes back every year to visit and he asked if I could do him a painting of Godrevy, one of his favourite spots. So here is the start What do you mean it looks like… Continue reading The start of Godrevy

St Ives painting

I have been enjoying painting in my new studio in the garden, Murphy even comes and keeps me company now that it is getting colder. (He usually sleeps in the greenhouse, but doesn’t look too impressed with having his photography taken!) I have been working on this painting of St Ives for sometime now, it… Continue reading St Ives painting

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Lake Garda sketches

I only did a few sketches whilst staying at Lake Garda, as I was experimenting with doing quick paintings, however I think these probably worked better. What do you think?

Lake Garda paintings

As I said in an earlier blog I struggled a bit with my painting alongside Lake Garda, due to all the beautiful trees. However here are some of the better pieces of work I did. Painting is all about constantly learning and I wouldn’t say it was my best work, but it is still a… Continue reading Lake Garda paintings

Painting trees

I was looking forward to my holiday in Lake Garda, number one priority would be to do some sketching and painting, especially as I love painting boats and water. Alas, one thing I hadn’t reckoned on was all the trees that surrounded the lake and countryside. My first sketches were not of my usual standard,… Continue reading Painting trees

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