Godrevy watercolours

Here are a small selection of my Godrevy watercolours. Godrevy must be one of my most favourite places in Cornwall. Luckily I live very close, which means I can visit in both summer and winter,

The beach almost disappears at high tide, but at low tide you can almost walk to Gwithian and look back towards the lighthouse. The waves frequently crash against the rocks, even on the most beautiful, summers day.

When the tide is out I like nothing better than walking along in the shallow water, and the tide washes against my feet. Swimming at Godrevy, especially at low tide is just wonderful! You are surrounded by this glorious landscape, with Godrevy lighthouse as a marvellous backdrop. Although beware of the weaver fish, nasty little fish that hide in the sand but leave a very painful sting in your foot – I wear swim shoes to keep safe. At low tide you can slowly walk through the surf, to get to the deeper waters. In some of these paintings I have tried to capture the reflective quality of the beach shining through the shallow water.

Godrevy watercolours for sale

I am constantly painting Godrevy and here are my latest paintings. However visit my Godrevy Watercolours page on my online shop, to see the full range. Also look at my Greeting Cards section because I am sure to have small paintings of Godrevy that I have turned into cards, which can be framed to make a perfect present!