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Snow in Cornwall

A selection of Christmas cards using original watercolour sketches

I have created a selection of Christmas Cards that featured my original watercolour sketches of snow in Cornwall. Except of course we don’t get snow very often in Cornwall, and when it comes you have to be quick to get out with your camera to catch it! Initially I did my little “dotty” drawings, whilst sat in the comfort of my armchair, before getting the paints out.

Clicking on the image will enable you to see it larger.

I start with West Penwith, I think it helps when you can see the snow has settled onto a hard surface and Lanyon Quoit, does the job quite well, with Ding Dong mine in the distance! I experimented with different colour blues for this, to see if it made a difference having a warm or cold palette, but I think both work.

The painting of snow covered Roughter, up on Bodmin Moor has to be my favourite, and again, it is the snow settling on the rock that makes it work

Then of course I do have a selection of Engine Houses — this first two are on the Great Flat Lode, a cycle track near Redruth that has lots of Engine Houses, here the snow is slowly started to melt. Another favourite is the Engine Houses at Wheal Peevor near Redruth, with other mine workings nearby.

Lastly we have Godrevy, looking towards the lighthouse, but if I am being honest it could just look like I haven’t finished the painting! So I tried including a rock, so you could see the snow settling on it, but again, it could be another unfinished painting!