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Paintings of the Helford River

Helford River

In the space of just three months I had been asked whether I had paintings of the Helford River, and the answer was no! So clearly I needed to do something about it.

The Helford River is quite different to my usual subjects, it involves a lot of green fields and trees. It is a beautiful area and I love to visit but I tend to shy away from any landscape that has a lot of green!

Paintings of Helford river

In this scene I felt I was “playing safe” because it had a beach in the foreground. However it also had grasses in the foreground of the photograph I was using and that wasn’t successful.

Ferryboat Inn

Lastly I decided to use my stippling style, so that I could get more detail. This is the Ferryboat Inn at Helford Passage, which is a favourite spot for families as it is safe for boating, and a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by!

In the end I think the painting of The Ferryboat Inn was the most successful, but I will do some more as it has given me confidence to paint using green a little more!

I hope you enjoy them.