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Seascape Watercolour Workshop

seascape workshop

I attended a great seascape watercolour worksho. I love painting seascapes, but there is always something new you can learn and I definitely did at this workshop.

The idea was to combine photographs to create the image that you want, after all painting isn’t mean to be a photograph, so we can paint the image we want to!

I love St Ives harbour, but on some photographs you can end up with a lot of seaweed and the sand can look rather “dirty”, especially in the harbour area where there is probably fuel spillage from the boats. The idea was to take the scene I wanted to paint but use the colours from a photograph of the sea at Porthminster beach, where the sea is a beautiful shade of blue and the sand very white.

seascape tests

However what to leave it and what to add? I started by painting a couple of quick thumbprint sketches, so I could work out what would work. I decided that I liked a clear sky and to have a little bit of seaweed near the shoreline.

Low tide at St Ives with texture

I was also going to work with just three colours and I choose Windsor Blue (Red), Naples Yellow and Venetian Red as a cool palette. Whilst painting it I wasn’t altogether sure about the colours so as the Workshop was a full-day course I painted another one at the same time!

St Ives Harbour

I used the same colours but in different quantities, I think you can see the difference but I like them both and I am delighted with the result.