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Poldark inspired sketches


Poldark has returned to our screens in the UK, a firm favourite with a lot of people. I thought it would be fun to do a blog just of Poldark inspired sketches!

I have for many, many years loved painting Engine Houses as they dot the landscape around my home town of Redruth. In fact Redruth was the financial capital of the Mining area and has World Heritage status, for the role it played.

St Just area

Let’s start around the St Just area, where most of the filming of the mines was carried out. Incidentally my ancestors worked but I don’t think it was as glamourous as depicted on the TV!

The Crowns at Botallack Mine

The Crowns at Botallack are stunning in their own right, being perched on the edge of a cliff. These are used as the location for Francis Poldark’s mine Grambler.

other Mines

Wheal Coates and coastline

This is Chapel Porth, near St Agnes the area is used as Nampara Valley.

Dark skies over Carn Calver Mine

Then there is also Carn Calver, near Bosigran.

Holywell Bay

Holywell Bay islands

Holywell Bay – which has featurd briefly but I believe it was used more than once, so watch out for this stunning beach!

Bodmin Moor

Cheesewring Rocks

Bodmin Moor, and its bleak landscape features in the programme. I believe the farmhouse that is used for the outside shots of Nampara is located here.

Nampara Beaches?

Porthcurno bay
Porthcurno bay
Illustration: Kynance Cove

Beautiful Porthcurno beach, sometimes being used as Nampara Cove, and Demelza has been seen walking here.

Illustration: Kynance Rock

However I have also noticed that Kynance Cove is also being used as Nampara Cove! This is where Demelza was out fishing when she went in labour and Poldark had to rescue her.


Gunwalloe beach and sketch

There there is the famous shipwreck at the end of series 1, which was filmed at Gunwalloe. However the weather was a lot worse than on the day when I visited!