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London sketches

Hammersmith Bridge

We visit London on a fairly regular basis, and on this visit a few years ago in November, I did manage to squeeze in some sketching whilst sightseeing and here are my results.

The sketch above is of Richmond Bridge, we had planned to go to Hampton Court but hadn’t reckoned on the International Rugby match and the number of spectators, so we gave up en route and had lunch sat by the river at Richmond, where I painted this.

Thames footpath

We then walked along the Thames footpath, via Kew Gardens and came alongside Gunnersbury and sat outside a charming pub where I sketched this. Mind it was freezing that day!

London Tower Bridge

Previously we had gone on a river boat trip down to the Tower of London and I sat and sketched Tower Bridge, not one of my best! But it was exceedingly cold and I didn’t have my correct glasses on – whoops!