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Watercolour Gift Tags

lots of watercolour gift tags

I have been experimenting with a new product – Watercolour Gift Tags. On my Etsy Shop a customer has the option to mark their purchase as a gift. I thought it would be nice to combine my crafting skills with my paintings and have a gift tag made from watercolours.

I had great fun creating various tags using old paintings. These are paintings that for various reasons, I wasn’t that happy with as a final product. As I love card making, and similar activities, I experimented with using sections of these paintings as a gift tag. Another idea was create tags that relate them to my products or brand. Above are my initial experiments, which were great fun.

Using small sections of paintings

Sometimes I can paint a picture that includes a little gem – perhaps a boat, but the overall painting just doesn’t work. So I decided that I could use these little gems and turn them into gift tags.

Two watercolour gift tags

My initial test was using a lovely a “Miss P Loves” long die, with a narrow image. This is set against a coloured background and stamping a sentiment “Just for You”.

Three watercolour gift tags of seascapes

I was delighted with how they looked so I proceeded to make more. Using matt and layers allowed me to use some quite small paintings. I also added a faux reinforcement where the hole for the ribbon goes.

Using a painting for the whole tag

Three watercolour gift tags of seascapes

I love to paint, or sketch, outdoors but I find end up with so many paintings. These are perfect for using as a whole tag – these above use my Sizzix die for the shape. This die has a lovely faux stitching effect on the outside edge that I like.

On this gift tag I was using up a small piece of paper, the perfect space for a little painting to become a tag. It is quite simple but I did enjoy painting it. It would probably match one of my paintings of Logan Rock / Pedn Vounder beach.

The third option uses a small tag die from Crafters Companion. Some of my paintings are of iconic Cornish scenes, such as Godrevy Lighthouse, St Michaels Mount, to perfectly match with a painting. This could make a really nice gift offering for a special present. On some of the gift tags, where there is suitable space, I have stamped the words “Just for You”. I will monitor interest and feedback to see if people like this.

Back of gift tags

I frequently use A6 watercolour postcards whilst out and about for my sketches and these lines already printed on the reverse. In this instance the backs may either be blank or stamped “For” and “From”. Again I will monitor feedback to see if people prefer them blank or with words.

Finished with twine

Three watercolour gift tags of seascapes

I have used a natural jute twine to attach the gift tag to the present. This is in keeping with the scenes from nature that I have painted.

Testing on Etsy

Currently only available on my Etsy shop to gauge interest with are 3 options.

  • Some cards or paintings have an additional option to buy a gift tag
  • You also buy tags separately as a pack of 3
  • Alternatively select “Gift” option on checkout and receive a free gift tag which will be picked at random and won’t be a cornish scenes.

I have enjoyed making them, but will people like them! I will report back at a later date.