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Cheesewring, Bodmin

Cheesewring Rocks

We had had some glorious weather recently, and it was just calling for me to get out in the sunshine and fresh air and do some painting. We decided a day out on Bodmin Moor would be a good idea, having never done any walking on the Moor. So we drove up to Minions, a lovely little village, parked the car up and went for a walk.

We walked up past the Hurler’s, where I realised I hadn’t packed my little painting stool! So onwards we trekked up the hill to the old Cheesewring Quarry and group of rocks perched on top of each other!


I managed to find a little spot out of the wind, and perched on a rock sat down to do a quick sketch. Then we had some lunch and I found another spot, and a slightly more comfortable rock and had another go.

I must admit to struggling a bit with rocks, I am happy with painting the sea and sand, but it was a record of the day, and it was lovely to be sat up there on such a sunny Cornish day.