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Painting Longships at Land’s End

Longships at Sunset

I expect a lot of people have painted the Longships at Land’s End and I am no exception, but some results are better than others!

Here is Longships Rocks at Sunset, painted a few years ago now, quite a simple style, as it is a small painting. I originally painted it to go in my daughters dining room, as it was very red, only she moved house before I had time to give it to her!

There here is one of Longships Lighthouse and rocks that I painted from the rocks near Cape Cornwall, it was quite a way in the distance and was a quick sketch, it wasn’t an easy spot!

This is a quick sketch that I did from a photograph, painted in my studio and I turned into a greeting card.

Longships April 2015

Lastly, this one was painted just last weekend. We had glorious weather in Cornwall so we walked from Sennen to Land’s End, and this time I was sat on one of the benches overlooking Longships.