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Do you like my paintings

Painting of bluebells in the woods

Perhaps you might like my paintings or you don’t! And that is absolutely fine with me!

Art is subjective

Each person has their own pespective on each piece of art. We have different tastes, preferences and life experiences. All of these will impact on your feelings and opinions on how you feel about a piece of art. So some people may like my paintings and others may not!

Change the design

I am also a graphic designer and whether I am being asked to design a logo, a brochure or a website the client will also have their own ideas of what they want. Part of my job is to interpret those requests and create a beautiful design that meets the clients brief. Changes are inevitably requested, hopefully not too many until the client is happy. Being totally honest the final design may not something I am totally happy with, but it is not about me it is about the clients requirements.

This doesn’t happen in paintings, well not 99% of the time! If I painted St Ives Harbour, would you say to me, well I like that painting but I would prefer the boat in the foreground to be blue not red. Well you might ask, but it isn’t easy to change colours in watercolour.

Chances are, you would just decide you were not over keen on that painting and look elsewhere (hopefully choosing another of my paintings!)

I paint what inspires me, or what I love that means I do struggle to pain something I have no feelings for.

I was once asked to combine a photograph of a boat and a deserted island in the Caribbean and I really struggled with this. There were two different photographs.

Whilst I could paint the island and I could paint the boat but getting the two together took me about 4 attempts! You may have spotted there are only 3 images above, and yes you have guessed I didn’t photograph the first one it was so bad!

So I do hope you like my paintings, mainly of Cornwall and hopefully my love of Cornwall comes across in my paintings and that it invokes a similar response to you. There are some amazing artists painting Cornwall and you may prefer their paintings. That is just great because it is still about this beautiful county of Cornwall.