Wheal Francis


An original watercolour of Marriots Shaft at Wheal Francis mine

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An original watercolour of Marriots Shaft at Wheal Francis mine.

Wheal Francis is on the Great Flat Lode, and there is a cycle path not too far from where I live, and to me it is an enchanting place. It is a World Heritage site and there is no surprise at that, as it is a collection of old tin mine buildings, not just the iconic engine houses. They have been preserved and repaired over the years, and at Wheal Francis you can look over towards Carn Brea.

Originally this painting was a black and white drawing, using my method of tiny dots to create the shape and shadows of the image. Whilst I loved it as a drawing I decided to experiment and add some colour, which I like.

This painting is supplied already mounted and the final size is 368 x 290 mm; the image size being 260 x 183mm. It is signed and wrapped in cellophane, the price includes postage and packing.

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Dimensions 365 × 290 mm