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Painting of Godrevy

Chris, who used to live in Cornwall and comes back every year to visit, asked if I could do him a painting of Godrevy, one of his favourite spots. So here is the start

What do you mean it looks like a blank sheet of paper?

Start of Godrevy painting

Well nearly, because I need white bits on my paper for the surf I first have to start off with masking out the areas that need to remain white.  I have also used a white candle, which should transform into those little white bits you get on the waters edge as the tide goes out again. If you look closely you will see my rough pencil sketches and masking fluid.

Can’t wait to add some colour, most especially a new colour, Manganese Blue, which I think will show the beautiful blue sky and clear water.

Here is how the painting of Godrevy is progressing, to reassure anyone looking at the previous photo (especially if on Facebook), that it is not just a sheet of grey paper!

Godrevy in- progress

This is my first wash of colour, using the lovely Manganese Blue, a new colour for me and a very much appreciated Christmas present! The sand uses Naples Yellow Deep, another new colour, it has a hint of Burnt Sienna to take off the yellow. Much as we think our sand is golden yellow, in reality it is not.

Godrevy in progress, adding more blue
This is the second stage, where I have intensified the blue of the sea, but now starting to get some texture in the close up area, where the sea is so transparent you can see the sand below.

I am also using my new paint brush, purchased as a bargain at Arts and Graphics closing down sale for only £50 (it should have been £182), but it is wonderful at moving the paint around the paper and worth every penny!

Godrevy in progress, nearly there

The masking fluid and has been removed, the finishing touches added and my latest painting of Godrevy is now complete.

This is a painting done specfically for Chris and Trudy Stevens. Chris used to live in Cornwall and comes back with his family every year to visit as they love the County so much. They have fond memories of Godrevy beach, particularly one year as they stayed on the campsite just up the road.

Low Tide at Godrevy with Lighthouse

Hopefully every time Chris looks at this painting in his home it will transport him back to sunny Cornwall.

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Turning sketches into cards

making greeting cards from my sketches

Looking around this website it may be apparent that I love sketching however it does mean that I end up with too many sketches. So I decided that I would turn my sketches into cards and sell them.

Jane sketching at The Lizard

My sketches can include sitting in a beautiful spot in Cornwall, perhaps visiting Portreath or Godrevy, and I sit down and capture the day with a little sketch.

It could be taken from one of my photographs, I love walking and taking photographs so I have a vast library of images that I would like to paint and a little sketch helps me decide whether to paint a full scale version of it.

wheal francis drawing

Style wise, sometimes I use a stippling effect, where the image is drawn using lots of dots, or it can be more of a free, quick sketch approach. The difference in these two techniques will depend on the subject matter is stippling tends to be a more accurate representation, wheras the free, quick sketch can be more dynamic, capturing the essence of a place.

The Crowns at Botallack Mine

The initial sketches are usually done when watching TV, probably a TV programme that I am not that interested in and I want to relax. I find stippling very relaxing. Then I will add the watercolour at a later date, perhaps sat in the garden or my summerhouse, which I particularly enjoy on a summers evening.

Low Tide at St Ives greeting card

I always like to revisit these sketches at a later date and decide which of these sketches other people may enjoy and I cut them down to size, around 90–100mm square and attach them to a blank card stock, usually a 6×6 inch card.

Clear waters at Logan Rock-framed

These cards can then be given as a card (they all have matching envelopes) or they can be added to a square frame. Most high street, and online retailers, have square frames that a 6×6 card will fit in and make an affordable piece of original art to either have in your own home or give as a gift.

I think this is a Win Win situation, I love my sketching and hopefully you enjoy being able to purchase a watercolour without breaking the bank. Have a look at the greeting cards that I currenlty have for sale.

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Beaches in Cornwall

Selection of miniature paintings and drinks mats

One of the reasons I love my little, miniature acrylic paintings, is that I can paint them relatively quickly! My latest selection are of beaches in Cornwall.

selection of acrylic paintings

Three of them are my easel paintings, and they include looking from Porth Kidney Sands, across Hayle towards Godrevy; Portreath and also two of St Ives Harbour – one is the view from the bus station looking across to the Harbour and the other is of the Lighthouse that is at the entrance to the Harbour at low tide.

drinks mats of cornish beaches

Then I have had fun with my “drinks mats”, one is another painting of the Lighthouse and the other is Godrevy, which I just love painting!

Painted Pebbles

I also experimented with painting on stones! These are very random beach scenes, mainly because the stones are so tiny it is difficult to paint, but I thought they might make nice paperweights!

I used Gesso first to create a surface on which to paint. I quite like them!

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Sketches from Scotland

Illustration: Edinburgh Castle

Recently I was lucky enough to spend time in Scotland, mainly in Edinburgh and Oban, and as always I took my Moleskine Sketchbook, Pens and Paints so that I could capture the scenery, so here are my sketches from Scotland.


We started our holiday in Scotland, and it turned out to be quite a different experience from what we had been expecting as it coincided with the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The whole country then observed a period of mourning but as Her Majesty passed away whilst staying at Balmoral, Edinburgh led the way. This meant we were able to pass our respects in person when she came to Lie in State at St Giles Cathedral, something that living in Cornwall is not usually possible due to the distance in travelling to London. However it did mean that access to a lot of Buildings and Places were closed or restricted.

The weather was lovely during our stay, with a lot of blue skies and here are my sketches from Edinburgh.


We left Edinburgh and transferred to Oban, via Glasgow and the West Highland Railway. Our Flat had the most amazing view of Oban Harbour and Bay, looking towards the island of Kerrara, with the islands of Lismore and Mull in the distance. Sadly the weather was not as good as Edinburgh, and although we avoided heavy rain it was mostly grey, so my sketches will include a lot of grey clouds.

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Small Paintings of Godrevy

Godrevy painting landscape

It will come as no surprise that I love painting Godrevy and the miniature easel’s are just perfect for small paintings of Godrevy and I just can’t stop painting them! Luckily people like to buy them, so win win all round.

I have painted them as portrait and landscape, some look towards the lighthouse, and some look towards Gwithian. You will notice that most of them are painted at low tide, mainly because I love to see lots of sand! It reminds me of walking across the beach in the sunshine, looking at the various rock pools. got very ambitious and painted a small version of one of my larger paintings, with the waves crashing against the rocks — and I am quite pleased with the result!

Illustration: Loving Godrevy

This one was using a different kind of canvas, it is quite thin and didn’t look quite right sat on the easel, so my daughter suggested adding a magnet! It works, so I see a new range of products coming on.

I could carry on posting these little, small paintings of Godrevy, because I just keep painting them! Have a look and see if I have some available for sale, if I don’t then please get in contact with me and I can paint another one!

I hope you enjoyed looking at them, you may also like to look at my other paintings of Godrevy.

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St Ives Painting take 2!

I have decided to have another go at painting the same photograph of St Ives but using a different style!

I was quite pleased with how my painting of Venice turned out using a stippling method. I felt drawing the buildings in the background in the ink gave it some structure, then when I added the watercolour paint I didn’t need to worry too about the detail, as it was already there.

St Ives gets ink

So I decided to paint St Ives using the same pen and ink method, only this time not using stippling but using my lovely old ink pens. Dipping in the pen regularly into the ink gives a different vibrancy as the pen stroke is not consistent. I am still struggling get the depth of field correct, with the boats in the water, but hey I am not going to worry about that too much!

St Ives just started

Next stop add some colour. I am quite happy with the sky, so now just need to work on the foreground sea but already I prefer it to the other one, which is shown at the bottom of this page.

St Ives Painting using Pen and Ink

My second version of the St Ives painting is now complete, my aim was to give more definition to the background of the buildings of St Ives. However I am not sure how well it works, which one do you prefer?

Original St Ives Painting

St Ives harbour

This is the original, I suppose that is the joy of art, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion as there is no right or wrong!

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Quick easy watercolours

acrylic images on easel

I have a variety of styles, some are quick easy watercolours – these are watercolours that I can paint in 10–30 minutes. This is usually when I am outside trying to capture the scene quickly. Other watercolours take me a lot longer and these are my larger paintings, and are not usually painted in one session – an idea for another blog post I think!

Acrylic paintings

Sometimes I paint using Acrylic paint and I have to be quick with these because they dry so quickly. Never has that been more evident than this summer when it has been so hot! I have been painting my little easels but also drinks mats.

4 drinks mats of Godrevy beach

I did a few more but using different colours this time.

more drinks mats of Godrevy beach

I have been visiting the beach on quite a few occasions and after taking a dip I got my paints out. Here is my attempt to capture how busy Godrevy beach was, with so many people swimming, on paddle boards and inflatables. Everyone was really enjoying the lovely weather.

skethc of a busy Godrevy beach

Greeting cards

I like to convert my quick skethces and make them into cards. As mentioned I I love painting outside, so afterwards I cut them up into squares and turn them into greeting cards that hopefully people enjoy. They are purposely put on to 6×6 square cards so that they fit a standard square frame that can be purchased from a variety of supermarkets and other shops.

making greeting cards from my sketches

Visit my Greeting Cards page for what is currently available for sale, although as they are original paintings, once they have gone there is no guarantee I will paint the same scene again.

Lastly, this sketch is of Noto Cathedral, which I haven’t personally visited but was for an anniversary card for a special couple who got married there.

Sketche of Noto Cathedral

I hope you have enjoyed an insight into what I have been working on during August, don’t forget to find out my latest paintings that are availble to purhcase.

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Godrevy paintings with texture

Godrevy beach and lighthouse with texture-LR

I have been working on, and now finished two further paintings of Godrevy using Gesso to create texture, however this time I have added a little bit of landscape, rather than just focusing on the sea.

Looking towards Gwithian

The top one one is looking from Godrevy Beach towards Gwithian Beach and Towans.

Godrevy with Gesso

This is viewing Godrevy Lighthouse from low tide on Godrevy beach.

What do you think, do these images work better with a landscape in it? I personally like them with just the sea, but I have actually sold one of them, and had great interest in the other one, so I could be wrong!

I would love your feedback, you can join any conversaions on Facebook or contact me direct..

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July Sale 20% off paintings

Screen Shot of Watercolour Painting of St Michaels Mount

For the month of July I am running a Summer Sale in my Etsy shop and offering a 20% reduction on my smaller original watercolour paintings. These come already mounted to fit a standard 9×7 inch frame – so you can choose your own frame.

These paintings include

Visit my Etsy page to view the full range

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Painting the same scene

Godrevy painting the same scene

I do find myself quite often painting the same scene, which some people may consider odd or perhaps like a production line but I don’t – I love it!

There are particular places in Cornwall namely Portreath, Godrevy, St Ives, Logan Rock, St Michaels Mount and so on, that I could just keep painting.

You never what you are going to get with Watercolour or even Acrylic, have I mixed the colours in the same way, perhaps used different paint brushes. It is what makes it exciting, how will each painting turn out different!

Porthcurno and Botallack

Then of course I get paintings that I absolutely LOVE. Thank goodness paintings are not like children where you love them all equally, I am allowed to have my favourites, which must include Pedn Vounder Beach at Porthcurno Bay and The Crowns at Botallack.

So if I paint a particular scene then if I sell it, I can’t wait to paint it again!


And I can only paint where I love, so why not keep painting places I love, for example Portreath, just down the road from where I live. Portreath has a variety of scenes to paint, including the harbour; the beach with Gull Rock in the background, not to mention different times of the year (a great spot for summer sunsets) and storms in the winter

Gosh I could just go on and on! P.S. you can click on any of the images to see them larger.